Czech ear

Non-formal education for children and young people 8-20 years old in sonic art.

Since the year 2014.

Idea: Lenka Dohnalová, Arts and Theatre Institute, Musica nova competition

Main organiser: Arts and Theatre Institute/Czech Music Council in cooperation with the Institute of Modern Art (Jaroslav Raušer) and Musica nova competition.

Main goal: Holistic education (cultivate the sensibility to all sounds around us, the ability to discern their origin and quality (following the tradition of musique concrete), get to know composing software for make a short compositions („bonsai“) under the leadership of lectors. The final phase is a competition (evaluated by the identical jury as in MUSICA NOVA), public presentation included to the concert of mature professionals laureates of MUSICA NOVA.

Results: We work with children mostly without any previous experience. After short training the results of children are often comparable with work of conservatory students.

Confidence: We are sure that the holistic work is a key of success. We cooperate with the formal education in basic school and with the University of Aberdeen where prof. Stollery has an interest to prepare their students for this kind of children´s education.


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